When you come to Daily Driver you can see the butter, cream cheese and cheese being made in the creamery.

We have a passion for sharing the process.

Despite popular belief, butter is a complex food.

Maybe not complex in number of ingredients, but rather in variations of flavor, texture, and color. We love butter because it is a direct product of the harmonization of three major components: land, animal and human.

Much like the terroir of wine, butter has a the ability to change in taste based on the geographical location and health of the pastureland, the type and breed of animal, and even the farmer’s practices. Being farmers first, this intersection of animals and land is most important to us. Butter essentially IS this intersection – and it tastes great too! For all of these reasons, we use the most beautiful cream in Marin County. The 86 Jersey cows on Silva Family Dairy are raised on 1,200 MALT protected acres of pristine organic pasture land, by passionate 6th generation dairy farmers, Louis and Marissa Silva. Daily Driver butter and cream cheese showcase this incredible milk and the care they put into their land and animals.

What is “cultured” butter?

When butter is “cultured” it means that cultures have been added to the cream (much like in the cheesemaking process) and the cream ferments before being churned into butter. This process adds depth and flavor to the richness of the butter. Due to the antiquated and lengthy process of culturing, it is a rarity in the States.

Daily Driver cultured butter is cultured for 24 hours, churned in a European-style churn and hand-paddled to ensure the best flavor and texture.

Cream cheese

Our cream cheese is special! The recipe was created during a rare quiet time at the creamery in Tomales. It’s simple ingredients and process allow the true taste of the milk we love to shine through. It is not your typical cream cheese – it’s fresh and pure.