Front of the American Industrial Center Building modern day

Thank you letter to our landlord, the American Industrial Center (AIC)

Our first blog is a thank you letter to our landlord, the American Industrial Center. Without the AIC’s focus on cultivating creative and modern manufacturing space, Daily Driver wouldn’t be able to provide our quality bagels, butter, and cheese to you!

Some history

In 1915, the American Can Company began construction on 3rd Street in San Francisco, finally completing the project in 1955. Stretching a whopping three blocks, the American Can employed thousands of San Franciscans in the manufacturing of cans and bottles for West Coast canneries.

However, like many large commodity manufacturing plants, the company closed in 1969. Fortunately for the Dogpatch neighborhood, Angelo Markoulis purchased the complex in 1975 and it quickly transformed from a vacant 800,000+ square foot cavern to a home for warehousing facilities and industrial users.

A national success story

50 years later and the AIC is a national success story in how manufacturing can—and should—be restructured in our cities. The AIC is thoughtfully filled with small manufacturing business and tenants that craft high-value, customized and small-run products that are part of a strong regional supply chain. Markoulis’ pioneering vision established a dynamic arena with synergy between tenants. He also provides tenants with affordable, long-term leases to ensure they can invest and reinvest in their spaces—a real rarity!

Our Neighbors 

Here are just a few of the AIC’s diverse tenants that we are thrilled to have as neighbors and members of our community:

So, a heartfelt thank you to the AIC’s support and guidance during our construction process. We are so grateful to occupy this unique and historical building!

Here’s to many years of serving up your new favorite bagels, butter and cheese to the Bay Area!

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