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Udderly Delicious: Farm Fresh Milk in Your Coffee

Daily Driver farm fresh milk poured into a glass cup with red bay coffee bag in the background.

It all starts at the farm. We began Daily Driver with a passion for the process and the product, and we are so proud to bring this vision to you in an exciting new way: we are now exclusively using our very own fresh Jersey cow’s milk from our farm in our Red Bay Coffee menu.

We’re so grateful to have a progressive partner in our Red Bay Coffee team in this next chapter of our business and, frankly, can’t stop guzzling lattés. Here’s why we’re so proud:

Why we love it

Our Jersey cow’s milk from Silva Family Dairy is fresh, creamy & rich, and pure. Using our milk in our (already outstanding) Red Bay coffee has taken our coffee game to an entirely new level. We can confidently say we’ve now got the silkiest, smoothest organic cafe drinks in San Francisco. 

We are so proud to work with Silva Family Dairy, a 7th generation family farm. Their farming practices and work ethic are among the best in the industry, and it’s an exciting honor to showcase this milk. 

What makes it different

Jersey cow’s milk is different than the milk you see in the grocery store from your average dairy cow. Naturally, it has more of different protein strain called A2. This protein strain is less common in the average dairy cow, mostly due to over breeding in dairy cows. The A2 casein found in Jersey cows is easier to digest, plus, our Jersey cow herd is entirely grass-fed. For you, this means the milk you’ll be drinking has a much higher fat content so it’s full of more fat-soluble vitamins in a higher concentration! More vitamins like A, D, E and K coming your way.

Our milk is also what’s called cream-top milk. This means our milk comes from our healthy herd, is pasteurized, and then gets used directly in all of our dairy products, and now, your cafe drink! Skipping the homogenization process means your milk is fresh, untouched, and celebrated just how it is. The milk you’ll find in the grocery store has sat in bottling plants, through transport, warehouses and distribution plants and left in the fridge until your purchase. Our milk is absolutely fresh — from teat to table in only a couple of days. 

Why this matters

When people talk about eating locally & seasonally, this is it. Switching to using our own milk from the farm is the actualization of these concepts, and we are excited to take actionable steps to move the needle of the restaurant industry’s standards. 

Creating ways to give consumers access to organic, fresh product is our priority. Using this milk means you are truly eating with the seasons; as the diet of the cow’s change, fat and vitamin levels shift with the milk and the end product, giving you the most nutritious and delicious, experience while fostering local agriculture and farms. 

This is exactly what Daily Driver is all about. We’re so excited for this next step in our growth, and hope you’ll raise the world’s best, farm-fresh, Daily Driver cappuccino with us to cheers. 

Photos by Scott Granlund

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